Online potable UPS pack for BIPAP Machine.

It is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to BIPAP , CPAP Machine of different company, when the input power source or main power fail.

The machine is designed for powering BIPAP , CPAP Machine is very similar to an online UPS ,except that it does not need an output inverter.

The battery pack is potable battery pack from URTRONICS INDIA. This battery pack is available with different battery capacity starting from 2hrs to 10hrs.

This product is with a good feature that you can make your machine function with single outsource , no need to make connection again and again .

Once you connect your device (BIPAP, CPAP) .It will automatically switch to battery when there is no mains.

There are separate indicator for:

By different LED colour.

  • For MAINS : Left side green colour led is there.
  • For UPS : left side yellow colour led id there.
  • For LOW BATTERY: left side red colour led is there.

Battery status is indicated at the top most of right side, with different stage of battery .

  • Battery status : 25%, 50%, 75%, 99%.
  • Green Led : good status of battery i.e 75% and 99%
  • Yellow Led : Need to connect to mains i.e 50%
  • Red Led : About to turn off your machine.


  • Switching mode control (SMPS) based design.
  • Automatic over current limits.
  • SMPS based constant current constant voltage charger working @50Hz.
  • User Friendly operation and high efficiency.
  • Battery status is indicated by different Led.
  • Now you can power your BIPAP and CPAP ,when you need it.

Specification :-

  • AC Power : 220 -240V , 50Hz
  • Battery : Lithium- ion battery
  • Battery Run Time : Available from 2hrs to 12hrs.
  • No over heat problem.
  • Country of origin: INDIA

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